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One of the essential parts of a smart home automation system is the lighting. Sufficient lighting for any home is highly important as it can affect moods and can help us feel comfortable in our own home. Smart home lighting aims to give us more control over this.


When most people think of smart home lighting, they might think of smart home plugs connected to a smart assistant such as Google or Alexa. With the press of a button or a voice command, they can turn on a single light in their home. But a bespoke, installed smart home lighting solution is different.

Smart home lighting comprises both lights and blinds that are linked to a central smart home hub, along with other smart home devices. They are different from normal lights in that they are all interconnected and can be programmed or operated digitally. Lighting is installed to operate at night and for creating certain moods, whilst automated blinds are used to control the levels of natural light.


Smart home lighting solutions are usually part of a wider smart home automation system. Lights, blinds and other devices are linked together either wired or wirelessly and all link back to a smart home hub such as Control4. These smart home systems come with touchscreen devices and apps that allow you to control your lighting as you wish.

Lighting and blinds can also be linked to movement sensors that can trigger when you enter a room.


If you’re looking for a full smart home lighting system, we would recommend either Lutron or Control4.

Lutron has been in the lighting industry since the 1960s and has long been a trustworthy brand worldwide. Because of this, it is compatible with a wide range of devices and systems making it extremely versatile.

Control4 Smart Lighting is a perfect extension to any security system. With Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you’re away. All interior and exterior lights can also flash repeatedly if an alarm is triggered, alerting neighbours or authorities of unusual activity or unauthorised access to your home.

Control4 Keypads feature customisable buttons that allow you to control more than just the lights—including music, movies, locks, thermostats, blinds, even your garage door—with a simple press. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or your entire house, with one tap as you’re headed off to work or turning in for the night. There’s no longer a need to travel from room-to-room switching off individual lights and televisions.


Smart home lighting provides many benefits to the home and you’ll find it difficult to imagine a life without it once you’ve gotten used to it.

Firstly, you are able to control all the light on your system in one single application from anywhere with an internet connection.

Maybe you’re trying to create the right mood lighting for a romantic evening at home or you’re hosting a party and want to make your home seem more attractive to guests. With smart lighting, there’s no longer just on and off. Each light can be dimmed as you wish and this configuration can be saved to the system for when it’s needed again.

Another bonus to smart home lighting is its energy-saving benefits. With automatic lighting set up, your lights will only activate when motion is detected or when they are scheduled to switch on. This means no more lights left on when no one is using them… unless that’s the intention…

Deliberately switching lights on when no one is home might seem like a waste of energy and money, but it can actually save you from a lot more than that. Switching a light on remotely through the smart home system gives the impression that someone is home, which acts as a great deterrent to potential intruders.

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