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Smart Home Innovation Systems Limited are committed to providing our clients with long term support and service for their smart home, audio visual, lighting and security installations. Smart Home installations can be large  and complex and things can  go wrong from time to time. All smart systems should be supported and maintained regularly to ensure they are running to their optimum potential and delivering the most benefit to our clients. 

Smart Home Innovation take a proactive and friendly approach to service and support and we are always on hand to help our clients through any issues which occur.

Support, Repair and Upgrade of existing installations

Do you have an existing AV, automation or control system that is no longer functioning correctly? Maybe your home cinema is out of date and needs upgrading to support 4K visuals or Dolby Atmos surround sound? If for any reason you can’t use your existing installer…perhaps they have gone out of business or you’re not happy with the service or support they have given you; we may be able to help.

Normally we’ll undertake a ‘System Audit’ to establish the state of your current system, which includes testing the cable infrastructure and all the equipment to determine what is working correctly and what isn’t. We will then produce a report of our findings along with the options available to you for Smart Home Innovation to take responsibility for your system and the costs involved for any upgrades you are interested in.

Equipment rack rebuild

Unreliable systems are often the result or poor design which inevitably means the equipment rack cabling is chaotic, poorly labelled and with badly-made connections. In some cases, a system upgrade will only be worthwhile if we install a new equipment rack, to our industry-leading standards.

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