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smart home installers

Our Smart Home installers are fully qualified, trained and experienced in installing and setting up your audio-visual and Smart products. 

We pride ourselves on providing best in class technology solutions, that are implemented by our experienced and professional team. Our team members are trained and highly skilled, all with significant experience working in this innovative industry. 


With our specialist team, you benefit from a simple and personalised management and engineering process.

multi room audio video

Smart Home Innovation Systems Limited offer a wide range of options for the distribution of TV and music around clients homes allowing us to tailor the quality, the look and flexibility of the system to suit each clients personnel requirements.

A smart multi room audio visual system will allow home owners to enjoy music independently in each room and to watch 4K quality Sky and Netflix etc on all TV’s around the house with quick and simple operation and all equipment neatly housed in a central AV rack.

bespoke home cinema

At Smart Home Innovation we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect intimate home cinema experience for you and your family in the comfort, luxury and privacy of your own home.


From the mere touch of a button, the lights dim automatically, electric blackout blinds drop and a stylish state-of-the-art projector and screen descends gracefully from the ceiling to reveal a movie of your choice pre-set to start.

lighting control

Lighting has always been a central part of our homes. We use lighting to highlight the best features of our interior design. And most importantly; we benefit from lighting for a brighter, productive lifestyle at home. This is exactly why we want to create the best lighting experiences for you.


Technology now enables us to accentuate the best features of our houses through lighting, influence how we feel and even save money. Moreover, smart home features make lighting an even more integral part of our lives, thanks to sophisticated automation benefits. With an award-winning portfolio and 28+ years of experience, Smart Home Innovation provide lighting design and control solutions that incorporate the best lighting technologies available with a design language that compliments your interiors. Advanced lighting technologies can contribute in the design of your interiors, help you make the best of natural light and save you money on energy bills.

Regardless of whether you are undertaking a whole house lighting automation or single room lighting design, there is something in the world of lighting for everyone.

smart home security

Smart Home technology can bring a valuable extra dimension to home security by utilising conventional security systems and the latest smart systems which talk to each other to provide drastically improved security.

A smart home security installation will typically integrate a conventional burglar alarm, lighting control system, gate and door entry systems, external garden security sensors and more. Through this level of integration the smart home knows when you are at home or away and adjusts lighting, shading and energy use settings automatically and alerts you of intruders in the grounds proactively allowing you to move to a safe area or alert the police before anyone breaks in to the house.

We believe in providing peace of mind for our clients whether they are at home or away and we can provide comprehensive solutions independently or in conjunction with your other security contractors.

automated blinds and curtains

Operate your motorised curtains and blinds from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are at home or on the road can be controlled with app. Our system enables you to program opening and closing times and take advantage of sunrise and sunset programming.

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