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Lutron lighting

Need help with a Lutron product, system or an existing installation?

For nearly six decades, Lutron has been a global leader in lighting control. While our technology stands out for its reliability and cutting- edge innovation, that technology rises to another level when it’s paired with our meticulous design.

When we created the first solid-state dimmer, technology and design were thoughtfully combined into an ergonomic marvel that changed how we experience light in a space.

And when we pioneered the introduction of quiet automated shades for the home, we were able to effectively marry seamless control of electric light and natural daylight, providing harmonious control of these two distinct light sources.

We are dedicated to thoughtful design—to creating products that are beautiful, functional and complementary to any home.

But our vision for excellent design also takes into consideration how products will be installed in a home and how they harmonise with the architecture. We reflect on how people live in and love their most personal spaces, then reimagine their day-to-day, so that our solutions contribute to the full potential of a home.

Harnessing the power of light helps achieve that potential, making it the new luxury home differentiator. Light delivers the perfect ambiance, while showcasing rooms and design elements at their best, and ultimately, making a home a sanctuary.

Lutron continues to focus on expanding the market for residential lighting control, shades, and dynamic spectrum lighting to create more opportunity for you. We have put significant effort and energy into delivering high quality products that are integrated by design within Lutron’s residential systems offering.

We are committed to taking care of you, and to providing our dealer and PRO community with the world’s best lighting, shading and fixture control solutions.

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Need help with a Lutron product, system or an existing installation?

Unlike other installers offering Lutron services, Smart Home Innovation have both qualified electricians and authorised Lutron programmers in-house enabling us to resolve issues whether they are electrical faults or actual system issues. Uniquely, our vast experience enables us to help with older Grafik Eye and Homeworks systems and we are confident that we are one of the most competitively priced Lutron installers in London.


If you’re thinking of installing a Lutron lighting system in your next project then we can help you. We offer consultation, design and installation services and have decades of experience in the electrical and lighting industry in both the residential and commercial sectors. Our deep technical knowledge and Lutron product awareness ensures that our designs are practical, within budget and transformative.

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