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Smart Lighting

FROM the best integrators in london

Control lights from anywhere in the house. Dim when required. Able to turn off lights when we forget and in bed by the app. Have sensors connected to allow the kids to walk through the house to us in the middle of the night and they are only on 10%.

                                 CRYSTAL K., CONTROL4 HOMEOWNER


Upgrade your conventional light switches with Control4 Keypads to provide your home with stunning, configurable interfaces that add the magic of automation to your home. No more guessing what each button does; custom engraving and LED backlit indicators provide instant, at-a-glance feedback to tell you what lights are on, if your front door is locked, or if the garage door was left open.

lighting control

Happy Client Review


Outstanding service from a true professional. Costas oversaw a complex home automation installation with ease. He has the patience of a saint and a technical knowledge that i found to be unrivalled. Best of all he manages to explain everything in a simple and straightforward manner. I enjoyed working with this genius and would not hesitate to recommend him.

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