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When it comes to smart homes, not all updates need to be done at once. Projects can be completed step by step and in phases, especially when it comes to lighting and audio. Based on your needs and budget, it's up to you where you start and how many solutions you want to automate. You can start small with one room or transform and control your entire home—the options are endless. 


Automating your lighting controls provides many benefits, such as convenience, energy savings, updated design, and complete personalization.

There are multiple options when it comes to lighting, including Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs that allow you to change its brightness and color using a mobile app. As you begin to increase the number of controllable lighting loads in your house or office, you can start introducing keypads such as a multi-button light switch that allows you to set up different scenes for each button on a single light switch. For example, your keypad may have one button that is specific to activating a “Movie Night” scene that dims the lights, a button for a “Wake Up” scene that gradually increases the brightness of fixtures and an “Entertain” button that activates specific lights and music in designated rooms.

For safety purposes, consumers in today’s world prefer to have access to lighting controls remotely, so they can turn lights on and off when they are not home. You can also program individual lights to turn on when specific doors open, so you are never walking into a completely dark house.

When it comes to utilizing the natural lighting in your home, why not make it convenient, as well? Another growing trend, automated shades, allows you to control the natural light in each room from your smart device. Not only can you raise or lower them with a click of a button, voice automation, or RFID, but you can also set various lighting “scenes” to your preference for certain times of the day.

The programmable options are endless when all of your devices are communicating in a symphonic way, and the decorative light switches are customizable to fit your style, so as to not distract from your aesthetic design.


The right audio system is another key aspect for many homeowners when designing their smart home. Similar to lighting controls, you can start with integrating audio into just one room, or you can transform your entire house.

Are you a music lover? Smart home audio can combine all of your audio components into one easy-to-use control app that can be played through built-in speakers in any room throughout your home and even outdoors. You can pick and choose what you want to hear and which room you want to hear it in. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can turn on a specific playlist, song, or artist. If you have family and friends over, you may want a particular genre of music playing in the backyard and then something different playing in the game room. With smart home audio integration, that can all be possible with the touch of a button from your control app or smart device, and even with voice control, as well.

It’s imperative to rely on an expert when you are thinking of automating your lighting and audio, as the expert can ensure all devices work together and streamline the process. With fully customizable options, it’s essential to pick the right products to achieve your specific goals based on how you relax and entertain at home.

Make your home an intelligent one.

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