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The lighting in and around our homes can powerfully impact our daily lives. Tailored task lighting can improve our cooking experiences, reading lights help reduce eye strain, or illumination that lights nighttime pathways keeps us safer. Lighting affects the ease with which we interact with our spaces.   


In addition to how our homes function, lighting also profoundly affects our body’s biological rhythms, otherwise known as circadian rhythms. Things like daily exposure to the blue light emitted from screens and mobile devices, daylight savings time, or jet lag can throw off our biological clocks. When our circadian rhythm is thrown out of balance, it can wreak havoc on sleep or wake functions. Circadian lighting considers the physical and emotional effects of artificial lighting on our lives and well-being. Leveraging technology allows us to create lighting that feels restorative, natural, and comfortable, in addition to using it to make spaces more beautiful and functional. 


Vibrant Linear Lighting Vibrant Linear Lighting by Control4 provides diffuse lighting that can accent the architectural features of a home or provide a hue for any mood or occasion. Easily installed into new spaces or discreetly retrofitted into existing ones, you will feel the transformative effects of lighting layered into your home. Whether you want to highlight your art collection or provide functional support when prepping vegetables for dinner in your kitchen at night, Vibrant offers options for you. 


Vibrant Plus Daylight

In addition to making your space look amazing, Vibrant can help you enhance your wellness. When Vibrant is used with the Control4 Daylight feature, the lighting in your home or business can be automated to follow the sun or personalized to recreate circadian lighting on your schedule. The Daylight feature mimics the sun’s daily lighting patterns by automatically shifting the warmth and brightness of tunable white LEDs incrementally throughout the day. You can easily adjust your preferences for the time of sunrise or sunset, and customize how bright, dim, warm, or cool the lighting is at any time. 


Vibrant and Daylight give you lighting that supports your daily life, preferences and needs, powered by innovation and automation.

Click the PDF file below to download our Vibrant brochure.

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