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Certified Lutron Lighting Control Installers

Benefit from home lighting made by a pioneer in the field.

Let there be light – but what type of light, and when? These are questions that Lutron, the company responsible for inventing the first light dimmer switch suited to home use, could help you to answer, as we are certified to install various Lutron lighting fixtures.

Smart lighting solutions from Lutron could help your London home to sparkle in many more ways than one.

Flick the Switch with Lutron Lighting Control

Integration & Home Automation

The control centre of your London home’s lighting system will be Lutron HomeWorks, the brand’s esteemed operating system for residential lighting applications.

With HomeWorks in place and connected to a range of lighting appliances throughout your home, you can anticipate controlling your lighting more easily than ever before.

HomeWorks is also compatible with other home automation solutions from brands like Crestron and Control4 – solutions our team can also expertly implement.

Energy Savings

When you can switch your lighting on or off from practically anywhere in the world, you can optimise that lighting’s use to energy-saving effect.

Imagine noticing, on your phone, that you accidentally left certain lights on before leaving the house. You could hit the “off” button right there and then.

It’s little wonder that using a Lutron HomeWorks solution means you can potentially save up to 40% on your energy bills.

Experiment with Lighting

Such is the flexibility of a Lutron lighting system, it can be configured in various ways to bring specific lighting effects you seek at that time.

The lighting could, for example, be adjusted to flatter your home’s look if you intend to enjoy a dinner party at the property.

As you prepare to watch an evening TV show, you might prefer your smart lights to dim, as they can be scheduled to do automatically.

Away and Vacation Mode

Being able to program specific, pre-set lighting scenes certainly comes into its own when you are about to leave the house for a long period.

You could, for example, schedule those lights to switch on and off regularly but erratically to give the impression that someone is at home.

This can be your Lutron lighting system’s “holiday mode” – ideal for when you want to deter burglars from approaching your unoccupied home.

Lutron QS Homeworks Lighting Installers

We can install, support and maintain a range of Lutron products.

Lutron specialises in a range of cutting-edge lighting solutions which we can custom-design to cater for your particular residential requirements. Our experts can install these solutions as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance for them throughout the product lifecycle.

Our expertise means that we can tightly integrate such features as dimmers, occupancy sensors and LED linear lights with your home’s Lutron lighting control system.

Authorised Lutron Installers London

Our Friendly Experts are Waiting to Assist.

We’re ready to take your call to give free advice on your project. Call us today to speak to one of our experts on 0207 859 4358 or call direct our Lutron Consultant on 07841 519937 or contact us via message using the button below.

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