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Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or a housewarming gift, there’s always someone on the present buying list who is incredibly difficult to buy for. And if there’s nothing they want or need, it’s hard to know where to start.

So how do you choose a gift for the homeowner who appears to have it all? From nearby restaurant gift cards to smart home tech, allow us to take the stress out of shopping for presents!

Think outside the box So, how do you find a great gift that they don’t already have? It’s time to get creative. For newlyweds, a gift card for a nearby restaurant could be the perfect option. They might have everything they need inside the home. Still, after months of wedding stress, they probably don’t feel like cooking - so gift them a meal out where everything from the starters and dishes to the bill is taken care of!

For new homeowners, you could opt for a similar gift or perhaps go one step further and sign them up to a 6 month or annual food subscription service. Which provides all of the ingredients needed to whip up some delicious dishes delivered right to their door. Perfect for people trying to skip the grocery store trips, or think of new recipes.

Contribute to a home update If you’re keen to gift something meaningful and practical, what better way to do this than by helping the recipient achieve their dream aesthetic in their home? This could include anything from changing the colour scheme in the guest bedroom to contributing to the savings pot for the new kitchen.

If you’re worried that giving money might offend your friend or family member, or don’t like the impersonal aspect of gifting cash, you could offer to pay for a part of the project directly. This could include chipping in for a new set of stylish large format floor tiles, buying one of their new PVC doors, or covering the cost of fancy curtains for their new windows.

Alternatively, you could opt for a store gift card they can use for accessories once the renovation is complete, or use for a more prominent item, like a bed or sofa. This might not be used for a while if they’re in the process of making significant home improvements, so make sure there’s a far off expiration date on the card.

Help them fall in love with tech The recipient of your gift might think they have it all, but with a little creative thinking, you can prove them wrong. Whether they’re already self-confessed tech addicts or struggle to work a smartphone, you’ll be able to find a smart home solution that suits the needs they don’t yet know they have!

If your friend or family member is a fan of the big screen, why not make sure they have the perfect outdoor TV with audio to match by gifting them a Triad Soundbar? Designed to deliver world-class performance, Triad Soundbars provide unbeatable sound. Whether it’s for a movie night under the stars, or when they host the next big sports match in the summer.

Other smart home options include nifty gadgets like an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant—both of which can be operated with voice commands—making them perfect for even your most tech-phobic friends! You can even take the tech experience one step further with a Neeo Remote, allows the user to operate everything from media to lighting - all at the touch of a button.

Whether you’re buying a housewarming, holiday or birthday gift, we hope you now have all the inspiration you need to surprise that lucky recipient with the perfect present. 



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